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Environmental Engineering

Hole Montes’ Environmental Engineering division is managed by Ronald E. Benson Jr., Ph.D., P.E., Senior Vice President and Principal.  Since joining the firm in 1990, Dr. Benson has assembled a veteran team of water, wastewater and water reuse design professionals who, individually, are leaders in their profession and, as a team, offer unparalleled local design expertise. Projects designed and managed by the Environmental Engineering division range in size from regional wastewater treatment facilities, complex municipal water treatment plants, to major utility relocations, and planning for water, sewer and reuse distribution systems.

Hole Montes’ experienced staff of water and wastewater engineers and designers have provided design, consultation, and project management services for water, wastewater and water reuse systems throughout Southwest Florida.  Our firm has taken a leadership role in the planning and development of regional wastewater systems in order to meet the demands of the growing permanent and seasonal populations. Providing an ample water supply is a key element in developing and maintaining quality of life in any community. Hole Montes has for years been an integral partner with the water systems of Southwest Florida.

Additionally, Hole Montes is among Southwest Florida’s premier providers of engineering and inspection services for utility design. Throughout the course of our years of service to Southwest Florida, our staff has designed and inspected numerous water and wastewater treatment plant projects, countless force mains and lift stations, and hundreds of miles of water and sewer lines for such clients as Lee County, the City of Fort Myers, the City of Cape Coral, Collier County, the City of Naples, Sarasota County, and a host of other municipalities